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Haiyan Disaster Baptist Response

2014.11.28 13:14

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Event Date Mar 25, 2014 

March-April 2014 Update: Haiyan Disaster Baptist Response

The months of March and April saw a dawning of hope for survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. Even though signs of devastation still remain in the scenery, the strong spirit of resilience ushered in new and challenging opportunities of building partnerships for early recovery effort in the affected areas. For the APBF member-Conventions specifically the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches(CPBC), Luzon Convention of Southern Baptist Churches(LCSBC) with their Visayas Convention of Southern Baptist Churches(VisConSBC), significant progress have been made in terms of building shelters, recovery of livelihood and trauma care.

THE SHELTER OF HOPE PROJECT OF THE LCSBC with VisConSBC in LEYTE. The project will construct 380 houses for the 380 families in Ormoc and Tacloban areas. To date, 109 houses for 109 families were already constructed: Ormoc – 25, Palompon – 22, and Tacloban – 61.

The survivors expressed gratefulness that they were able to have shelter after Haiyan destroyed their houses. The VisConSBC with office in Cebu City and the Lighthouse Christian Church in Ormoc City maximized coordination with individual members and related organizations like the Baptist Global response (BGR) to help with the construction of churches and some schools.

The Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches is implementing various early recovery projects in 4 provinces of Panay island – Capiz, Aklan, Antique, North and central Iloilo and in North Negros of Negros island. The projects are on reconstruction of houses/shelter, recovery and rehabilitation of livelihood and trauma care. The reconstruction and repair of churches, parsonages and pastors’ houses is also being undertaken by CPBC with support from the International Ministries/American Baptist Churches (IM-ABC) and the ABC- New Jersey.

Delivery of housing construction materials and distribution of carpentry tools. Families affected were so glad and expressed grateful appreciation to kind donors for them to avail of house reconstruction assistance because they could not afford to acquire such housing materials.

Ms Henna Caipang, Director of CPBC Development Ministries leads the CPBC typhoon Haiyan response.

Organizing of Task Force “Pamanday” (means carpenter) in every villages that are volunteers and do the houses reconstruction.

Construction of houses is ongoing in different areas in the provinces of Capiz, Iloilo, Antique and Aklan in Panay island and in part of North Negros in Negros island. The support is for the roofings, i.e. GI sheets, umbrella nails, and carpentry tools of chain saw, hand saw and hammer. The lumber and other materials are counterpart of the families. The organized group in some communities have negotiated with the local government units (LGUs) and were allowed to use the blown down trees as a source of lumber and other used the blown down coconut trees. The bamboos that are available were also used and other materials that were salvaged from their destroyed houses. CPBC has support for the construction of 1,220 houses and to date 572 houses are finished – Capiz-247, North Iloilo-249, Aklan-76.

Initial activities for the trauma care is being undertaken by the CPBC in target communities in upland Capiz. The project is serving 500 children in 10 identified villages. This project is being supported by the German Baptist Union (GBU)

Program on livelihood recovery. CPBC is providing assistance for the recovery of livelihood of farmers, fisherfolks and women. During consultations with the farmers, they expressed the need for seeds (rice and corn) and farm inputs, livestock and poultry for their livelihood. The fisherfolks needs fishing boats and fishing gears. The women both in the farming and fishing communities expressed the need for capital for their small business of fresh and dried fish vending, vending cooked food and delicacies, fruits and vegetables, variety store, caring of chickens, ducks, pigs and goats and other income generating activities. Organizing and seminars/skills trainings for livelihood are components of the project.

Visit of CBF (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship). David Harding the International Disaster Relief Manager of CBF living in Florida, USA and Eddy Ruble CBF Missionary in Asia based in Penang, Malaysia visited the typhoon devastated area. They met with the CPBC staff at the national office in Iloilo City and visited the areas in Hansol and Mahunodhunod in Capiz and the Aeta indigenous community in Tobias Fornier, Antique. They also met with the LCSBC and VisCon pastors and visited areas in Baliguian island, Ormoc and Tacloban. The vision of a sustainable living group to empower the poor was caught by the CPBC and LCSBC and CBF will support the effort on this.

To our kind-hearted donors – the APBF member Conventions, Transform Aid International/Baptist World Aid Australia, Baptist World Aid, Baptist Union of Netherlands, German Baptist Union, British Mission Society, Diakonia, International Ministries/American Baptist Churches, American Baptist Churches-New Jersey, Canadian Baptist Ministries and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship


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