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Missionary Methods and Strategies

Spring Semester, 2010

Prof. Dr. Tim Hyunmo Lee


Course Description

Effective methods and strategies indicate how to get maximal results with minimal investment. Cross-cultural mission endeavors are expensive businesses required immense investment of human and financial resources. Unless utilizing approaches with strictly strategic concepts, missionary works would be blamed to waste huge resources of churches. Also mental map is crucial to our lives and works in a specific culture. However, mental map is prescribed by cultural norms. In a cross-cultural setting where our mental map is not working properly, launching works without strategic consideration would be imprudent. The purpose of this course is to review various strategies and to nurture the ability to apply those existing strategies in a new setting.



Upon completion of this course, students will be able to

1) Describe and understand the concept of effective strategy

2) Help to have sufficient knowledge of various missionary methods and strategies and to assess their effectiveness.

3) Help to be able to develop his or her own strategy in a given situation


Reference Books

Winter, Ralph and Steven C. Hawthorne. eds. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: A Reader (Forth edition). Pasadena: William Carey Library, 2009.

Kim, Sung Tae. History of Missionary Strategies. Seoul: Word of Life Press, 1994.

Lee, Tim Hyunmo. Understanding Contemporary Missions. Daejeon: Korea Baptist Theological Seminary,  2012.

Class Workbook. Missionary Methods and Strategies. 2010.




1. Critical Book Review.

        Read one of the followings and submit a report of critical book review.


        Four page report is required. The report should include more than one page of your own critiques.

        Due Date: May 17, 2010.

        Report is expected to be turned in on time. No paper will be accepted that is more than two weeks later.



        Critical Book Review Report: 20 %

        Mid-term Exam: 40%                      Final Exam: 40%



Week                              Content                   

1                              Introduction and Definition of Strategy

2                              Goals of Missions/ Structures of Strategy/ Roles of Missionary

3                              Strategies in the Early Church and the middle Ages          

4                              Strategies of the Catholic Church and Early Protestants

5                              Indigenous Church Planting and Nevius Methods

6                              Church Growth Strategy                       

7                              Mid-Term Exam.

8                              Contemporary Situations of the World Mission

9                              Unreached People Group and Closure of Mission

10                            Short Term Missions/ Senior Missionary/ Tentmaking Missionary /  BAM(Business as Mission)

11                            Church Planting Movement

12                            Missionary Radio/ Bible Translation/ Urban Mission

13                            Insiders Movement/ Mission Works to Other Religions

14                            Strategic Approach to NK Missions

15                            Final Exam

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